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Savana Synthetic A.T.F. MULTI-V SP III


Performance Level

General Motors Dexron II, Ford Mercon, Alison C-4

Cat TO-2, Hangglunds Denison HF-O

Product Description

Savana Automatic Transmission Fluid is blended from highly refined base stock combined with the most successful technology of viscosity index improver, anti-oxidant, extreme pressure, friction modifier, anti-form and pour point depressant additives. This unique formulation makes it reliable transmission fluid.

Main Benefits

  • Superior wear protection
  • Longer retention of frictional characteristics under severe operation conditions
  • Smoother shift in transmission


Savana Automatic Transmission Fluid is recommended for automatic transmission in passenger cars, light trucks and power steering systems. It is also suitable for power-shift transmissions and hydraulic systems on farm tractors and heavy equipment.

Physical Characteristics Test Method Typical Values
Specific Gravity @ 60/60 ‘F ASTM D-4052 0.874
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
@ 40 ‘C, cSt
@ 100 ‘C, cSt
ASTM D-445



Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270 171
Flash Point, COC, ‘C ASTM D-92 200
Pour Point, ‘C ASTM D-97 -39