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Savana EP Gear Lube


SAE Viscosity Grade

80W/90, 90, 140

Performance Level



Product Description

Savana EP Gear Oil is an automotive gear oil blended from selected paraffinic base stock fortified by EP additive. The EP additive forms an adherent film on metal surface which acts as solid lubricant to prevent metal to metal contact under extreme loads and temperatures.

EP Gear Oil can operate under the most severe operating conditions of shock-loads, high speed low torque and low speed high torque.

Main Benefits

  • Chemically & thermally stable under severe operating conditions.
  • Excellent protection against low speed and high torque wear and against high speed and low torque scoring
  • Longer gear life


Savana EP Gear Oil is recommended for enclosed manual transmissions, drive axels, final drive of passenger cars, trucks, contractor and heavy vehicles. It is used in spur, bevel, helical and hypoid gears.

Physical Characteristics Test Method Typical Values
SAE Grade   80W/90 90 140
Specific Gravity @ 60/60 ‘F ASTM D-4052 0.896 0.901 0.914
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
@ 40 ‘C, cSt
@ 100 ‘C, cSt
ASTM D-445







Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270 98 98 96
Flash Point, COC, ‘C ASTM D-92 220 226 240
Pour Point, ‘C ASTM D-97 -27 -12 -12