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The SAVANA brand of lubricants are manufactured with the most up to date technology using the best quality base stock and advance additives developed in most recent years for top performance engine.

Over the years, SAVANA has been manufacturing and marketing quality lubricants in accordance with the requirements of API, with makers and engine manufacturers. In today’s highly complex and competitive market, a new focus and commitment is required to meet our customer’s demands and expectation for superior products, dedicated service and efficient distribution network.

The combined resources and technology of SAVANA and its marketing company, MI MEGA RESOURCES SDN BHD, produce a powerful lubricants team with a huge competitive advantage. Our knowledge of local business environments and our broad experience of operating in a wide array of countries provide local know-how on a global scale.

Although, SAVANA’s presence in Malaysia is rather recent we assured our valued customers that our very experience marketing arm, MI MEGA RESOURCES SDN BHD, will provide the best service possible.

Beginning 2013, we will upgrade our fully synthetic and semi synthetic with ZAD, a brand new additive with enhance anti-wear properties and at the same times improve fuel efficiency and power of your machine.

SAVANA lubricants destination is to provide the ultimate protection to all lubricant needs in our ever demanding and improving engine technology in the world.